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Ruffle Tees

This top just hit the shop and I am overly obsessed with it! I think it might be my favorite shirt we’ve ever carried. Thankfully, it has spandex in it so I was able to fit it over my (growing) bump. But seriously, one of the most comfortable shirts I have every worn and it has ruffles. My dream combination!

Random Things

1. Halloween is my favorite holiday (besides Christmas, but honestly, who doesn’t love Christmas?) and I was super bummed by my lack of festivities through October. We went through one corn maze this year and that was about it. Also, we usually go trick-or-treating with my cousins, but they were sick. So guess who didn’t get free candy this year? Me. I am determined to make up for it next year with much more festivities and cups of pumpkin spice hot cocoa.

2. A few weeks ago we had a little car incident (I hate when those poles come out of no where) that resulted in a couple grand worth of cosmetic repairs. Then we were late renewing our car registration and had to pay for emissions. We’re adulting real hard over here.

3. I finally broke down and bought maternity jeans (I’m even wearing them in these photos!!!) and they are amazing. I seriously should have bought some sooner. Kevin’s worried I will even wear them after baby comes. 😉

4. Last Friday, we bing-watched Strangers Things 2 and now I’m upset I have to wait a whole year for the next one. Also, I’m totally Team Steve.

5. My house is pretty messy and I am just waiting for the nesting instincts to settle in and give me the motivation to organize it all.

6. This is the most comfy top I have ever worn and you can shop it here!

36 Weeks

I wrote this post over a year ago (about two weeks before I had Oliver) and never posted it! Well, better late than never and these are memories I want to hold on to!

The exhaustion has come back full force. By 5:00 I feel like I have been up for days. I usually take a nap after coming home and am ready for bed a few hours later.

Braxton hicks are back too. I had some hardcore ones at Target last weekend. I had to hang onto the cart to get through a few of them.

I ended up in the hospital over Christmas because of some bleeding. Bleeding is never a good sign during pregnancy and I was so terrified something was wrong. Kevin gave me a blessing that everything was going to be alright and the baby started kicking immediately after. The nurses hooked me up to a bunch of devices to monitor his heartbeat and contractions. (Thankfully I wasn’t having any)

He didn’t seem to be a fan of all the devices on my belly and kept kicking them. My ultrasound came back normal with no issues to my placenta. I have had a little bleeding since then and am just trying to take it as easy as possible.

Also, moving during pregnancy is so hard. A week before our trip to California we found out we had to move. Our manager was planning on selling the place and wanted us out as soon as possible. We were blessed with awesome ward members and friends that helped us move and clean.

Usually Kevin and I aren’t ones to ask for help with those types of things, but with our hospital scare, I was trying to take it as easy as I could.


MATERNITY CLOTHES: I have a few pairs of maternity jeans and tops, but I don’t like spending a lot on money on clothes that will only fit for a few months. I basically go between my few maternity tops and any other shirt I can squeeze into. Also, sweatpants are my BFF.

NESTING: Yes, finally! We moved a month ago and I have been trying real hard to get the new place clean and organized. The nursery room is almost done and it is so cute! I just need to hang a few photos. All of his clothes are washed and put away. Next I need to work on the hospital and diaper bag!

SLEEP: It depends on the night. I usually wakeup quite a few times needing to use the bathroom and then struggle to fall back asleep.

WEIGHT GAIN: 17 pounds. Baby boy keeps growing!